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Aphrodite Angels has nearly sixty excellent Service Providers who offer a whole range of services addressing the concerns of people going through major life changes, including Divorce, Redundancy, Bereavement, or simply ‘Feeling Stuck’.  The Aphrodite Service Providers are all personal contacts of the Founder and have been chosen because they put you and your needs first.  The Service Providers are sympathetic and thoroughly professional and give you the knowledge and power to take charge of your life, say goodbye to those three in the morning moments when everything seems to be on top of you and to move forward.  There is a dedicated contact person at each Service Provider who will ensure that you receive the high level of considerate support that you need and should expect.

The Services are grouped in different categories; some fulfil obvious needs, others are more inspirational to encourage you to try something you have not done before.

Managing the Money

Financial worries are usually the most pressing issue at any time of change.  A full Financial Planning Review is crucial to understanding your current position and making provision for the future.  Finding Wealth Managers who understand your financial needs, treat you as an individual and keep you informed, is vital to feeling in control of your own finances.

Running the House and Getting Organised

Moving house is often part of a major life change.  Even if you don’t have to move, being on top of your administration and clearing out clutter is essential if you are going to be able to move forward.

The New You

Any change in circumstances can be a wake-up call that you need to adapt and move on.  It is inspiring to develop a ‘new look’.  Changes may also bring up issues from your past that need to be dealt with or you may just need help in discovering a new direction and planning your future.  Children are sometimes overlooked when the adults are dealing with their own concerns; parent coaching can ensure that children are helped to deal with change too.

Your New Career

Whether you are going back to work after a break, facing redundancy or know you need a change, employment coaching can help you find what you really want to do, where your strengths are and set a path to achieve your goals.  Practical advice on writing a CV and how to approach looking for a new job builds on this foundation.  It might be that you have always wanted to run your own business and a change in circumstances can be a springboard for this.

Great Things to Do

Starting off again on your own is really challenging.  The links to weekend retreats, holidays and travel give you the opportunity to take that scary but exciting first step of going away without your family.  There are also links to charities which need mentors and volunteers and to cultural organisations that organise events.  The Inspirational Books have been chosen by the Founder as they really helped her on her personal journey.

To see details of the Service Providers click on the list to the left.  Either contact the Service Providers direct mentioning the reference Aphrodite.13 or if you would like a telephone call or a meeting with the Founder to discuss which Service Provider would be most suitable for your needs, Contact Aphrodite:

Email: startingover@aphroditeangels.com or Tel: 020 7610 6073