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Vivienne Goldstein – Relationship Coach

Vivienne is a warm and inspiring person.  She is a  certified NLP Trainer, Mediator and qualified Coach.  Vivienne says:

“Many people who are coming through a divorce or other major life change, lose confidence and are unsure of how their future is going to pan out.  I offer time and space to find focus and clarity on what’s next for them. Any lifestyle change such as a divorce needs a lot of rethinking, re-framing and organising.  For example, the shock of going back to work for women after being at home for a time; or for fathers, the need to sort out how they are going to accommodate their children on week-end visits; these are serious and difficult life style changes.

Working with my clients individually, I ask questions that demand more than a yes or no answer and I’m a good listener.  My training has taught me to leave my judgements outside the door, to be open-minded.  As an NLP Trainer, I can highlight how some behaviours don’t always help us get what we want.  To move forward positively, you can call me or email me.

Together with Dr Lucy Atcheson, we work with divorcing couples who have children to help them function as a family going forward even though they no longer function as a couple.  www.bring-it-back.co.uk

Contact Vivienne: Mobile: 07939 507207 – Email viv@viviennegoldstein.comwww.viviennegoldstein.com