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Vivienne Goldstein – Relationship Coach

Vivienne is a warm and inspiring person.  She is an accredited Personal Performance Coach and certified NLP Master Practitioner.  Vivienne says:

“Many people who are coming through a divorce or other major life change, lose confidence and are unsure of how their future is going to pan out. I offer time and space to find focus and clarity on what’s next for them. Any lifestyle change such as a divorce needs a lot of rethinking, re-framing and organising. For example, the shock of going back to work for women after being at home for a time; or for fathers, the need to sort out how they are going to accommodate their children on week-end visits; are serious and difficult life style changes.

As a Coach, I ask questions that demand more than a yes or no answer and I’m a really good listener.  My training has taught me to leave my judgements outside the door, to be open-minded.  As an NLP Master Practitioner, I can highlight how some behaviours don’t always help us get what we want.  To move forward positively, you can call me on 07939 507207 or email me at viv@viviennegoldstein.com.  You can also have a look at the testimonials on my website:  www.viviennegoldstein.com

Contact Vivienne: Mobile: 07939 507207Email   viv@viviennegoldstein.com www.viviennegoldstein.com