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Smith & Williamson - Personal Financial Planning

Dani Glover – Smith & Williamson – Personal Financial Planning

Smith & Williamson is ideally placed to assist private clients, due to the breadth of services it has to offer. The firm regularly wins industry awards for its tax, investment management and financial planning services and manages complex situations while maintaining a very personal approach.

The financial planning team are skilled at responding to clients’ changing circumstances. In particular Smith & Williamson have considerable experience in pensions and pension sharing which has become a complex area in recent years.

Contact Dani Glover: Tel: 020 7131 4440 – email: daniela.glover@smithandwilliamson.com – www.smithandwilliamson.com

Smith & Williamson Personal Financial Planning – A division of Smith & Williamson Financial Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Mary WaringMary Waring FCA FPFS – Wealth for Women – Chartered Financial Planner

Mary specialises in advice to women and particularly women going through a divorce. She provides practical, down to earth, jargon free advice. Her strapline is “A man is not a financial plan” since she firmly believes that all women, whether married, single or divorced need to take financial responsibility.

Mary can help

  • Pre divorce: discussing your financial situation, your goals and objectives, and what it is ideally you would like to achieve.
  • Divorce negotiations: advising on the various options recommended by your solicitor and helping you understand what they mean for you in plain English.
  • Post divorce: implementing a pension sharing order or advising you on how to invest a divorce settlement.

Mary will then continue to work with you on an ongoing basis to help you plan for your future.

Author of “The Wealthy Woman: A Man is Not a Financial Plan”

Contact Mary Waring: Tel: 07801 964949 – email: mary@wealth-for-women.co.ukwww.wealth-for-women.co.uk