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Maria Sturdy-MortonMaria Sturdy-Morton – MS-M Associates – Life Management

“If it weren’t for Maria I’d still be sitting here not knowing what to do” – those were the kind words of one client, who took me on to manage her life after a bereavement left her unable to cope.  Bereavement, divorce and serious illness incapacitate people for a period, irrespective of their ability or experience; with so much else to handle, they become time paupers.

I manage client’s lives during that period, working in three practical areas: property (buying, renovating, lease extensions, selling); professional (as an introducer and interface with lawyers, accountants, banks and wealth managers); and personal (matters relating to children, education, elderly parents).  I set great store by maintaining long term relationships (with my suppliers and with my clients) and obtaining value for my clients.

The key to my business lies in my asking the right questions and listening – only then can I be sure of finding the right solutions to recommend and carry out.

 Contact Maria: 078 8768 2181 -email:  msm@ms-massociates.co.ukwww.ms-massociates.co.uk

Jacky LewisJacky Lewis – Mediation Expert:

Jacky is an expert mediator with many years’ experience. She provides skilled, professional conflict resolution to separating and divorcing couples, helping them to care for themselves and their children through the process.  Separation and divorce can present psychological ‘overload’ in a family; Jacky supports couples through this challenging time with her sensitivity and considerable experience.

Jacky also works closely with the couple’s legal teams; this partnership enables things to stay on track and can keep the separation or divorce temperature lower.  She has built up strong professional relationships with numerous leading family law firms over many years.

Jacky works with couples to achieve the best possible ending and to devise and maintain enduring co-parenting relationships when at all possible.  She understands when to encourage clients or their children to seek therapeutic support and has a wide range of respected experts in her referral network.

Jacky mediates a broad variety of conflict including contested pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements and contentious probate matters. She is a Resolution Collaborative Law Family Consultant and also provides Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMS).  She comes from a psychotherapy background, is an accredited Clinical Supervisor, ADR tutor and has an existential psychotherapy practice.

 Contact Jacky: Mobile: 07930 442630  jacky@jackylewis.com www.mediationmatterslondon.co.uk