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UK Youth, formed in 1911, is a leading national youth development charity supporting 750,000 young people through its innovative youth work programmes. Sarah Wadham’s great aunt Lesley was one of the early members. UK Youth believes the way to get the best out of young people is to listen to them and offer them opportunities to learn that match their interests. By looking at the positive, rather than the negative, we support young people to achieve things they never thought possible. While our approach works with all young people, it has proved particularly effective for those not thriving in mainstream education. But we can’t do any of this without the help of wonderful supporters and that is where we hope you might come in. We rely on brilliant volunteers to form committees to support our fundraising events such as Art for Youth and our Gala Dinners. One area we would love to develop is support and endorsements from public figures – politicians, actors, musicians, sportsmen and women – and wonder if this is something you would be able to do for UK Youth? We’ve lots of ideas that will hopefully appeal to them – running the London Marathon, visiting one of our young persons’ projects or perhaps offering an auction to have lunch with a supporter.

Your commitment would mean we can continue to support thousands of young people across the UK to raise their aspirations, realise their potential and recognise their achievements.

If you would like to explore ways you can get actively involved in supporting UK Youth please get in touch with Ummi Kamal, Events Coordinator – ummi.kamal@ukyouth.org  Tel: 020 3137 3810.