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Aphrodite Angels would like to help you cope with the changes you are going through whatever the cause.


Divorce is one of the most stressful occurrences in anyone’s life. It can leave you vulnerable and shaken, fearful about the future and with your confidence at an all-time low.   There is the need to deal with many new challenges and to develop a whole new ‘single’ persona and social life.  For women it leads to a complete change of status, expectations and life style.  At a time when your emotions and those of your children are in turmoil, you become totally responsible for planning and managing your own finances and you may have a lump sum payment to invest.  For men, there are often issues relating to contact with the children and maintaining a meaningful relationship with them, as well as coping with life away from the family unit.  The Aphrodite Members are there to help and support you through these difficult transitions and recognise the needs and concerns of the whole you.

Redundancy, Career Change and Retirement

Redundancy or the realisation that you are in ‘the wrong job’ can highlight many of the issues that face those going through Divorce.  Redundancy is a huge blow to your self-confidence and you might have legal and HR issues to deal with as well as long term financial concerns.  However, being made Redundant or the realisation that you are no longer fulfilled by your work, can be an opportunity to reassess your employment options and make a new start in a different direction.  The Aphrodite Members can help you with any legal issue that may arise.


The shock of Bereavement can be overwhelming and release a whole range of emotions.  You also have to deal with administrative and financial issues and have total responsibility for all aspects of your own and your children’s lives.  The Aphrodite Members are chosen for their sympathetic and professional approach and can help you plan your future and deal with your emotions.

Downsizing, Relationship Coaching and Feeling Stuck

Downsizing can be overwhelming, especially when you have lived in the same place for many years.  Feeling Stuck can affect us all and can be particularly difficult to deal with when you can’t quite identify what is wrong.  Working with the Aphrodite Relationship and Decluttering Services can help you move forward in a new direction.

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