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“I have done so many things I would never have imagined I could do and become a person I could never have imagined becoming”

The founder of Aphrodite Angels is Sarah Wadham, who has experienced huge transformation and personal change in her own life and faced many of the worries and concerns which the Aphrodite Members can help you to solve.

Sarah separated from her husband twenty years ago after nearly seventeen years of marriage. With her four children, aged between six and thirteen, Sarah left Hampshire where they had lived for eight years and came back to London. She faced the challenges of going back to work after a ten year career break and re-qualified as a financial analyst.  At the same time, like all divorcees, she juggled the different needs of her children, her relationship with her ex-husband, her work and her own needs for a social life and personal development. She recently had to revisit the divorce procedure to agree a final settlement now that the children have grown up. This reminded her of how stressful and upsetting the process can be and how vital it is to have the right support.

Sarah thought of setting up Aphrodite Angels when she originally divorced, but with four children and a job, there was certainly no spare bandwidth!  However, now that Sarah herself is starting a new phase as the children have left home, she is excited about launching Aphrodite Angels.  Since returning to work, Sarah has built up many contacts in the financial and legal sectors and has explored many ‘self-help’ and personal development options.  Her network of wonderful supporters and the members have been a source of strength and inspiration when things were tough.  Sarah wants to share and combine all these different contacts and experiences to help and inspire others who are ‘Starting Over’, whether as a result of Divorce, Redundancy, Bereavement or the need for a Fresh Start.

Sarah’s message is that although traumatic, difficult and emotionally draining, Divorce and other life changes can lead to a a new and empowering start and be a positive experience for everybody involved. “You will get through it”.  And a key component – a friend on the East Coast of America for those three o’clock in the morning moments when you wake up in a panic and you need to talk!

To find out more Contact Aphrodite:

Email startingover@aphroditeangels.com or Telephone 020 7602 9834