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Sarah WadhamAll of us go through times when we need to make changes in our lives.  Sometimes this is triggered by events such as Divorce, Redundancy, Retirement or Bereavement, or sometimes we realise that though there is nothing specifically wrong, we just Feel Stuck and that our lives are not moving forward.  Making changes and adapting to different circumstances is challenging and we may not know where to look for support and inspiration.  Aphrodite Angels was started by Sarah Wadham to help you through this process of transformation.  The Aphrodite Members offer solutions to the concerns you may have, whether Financial, Practical or about Personal Development.  The Members are all personal contacts of the Founder and have been carefully chosen because they will put you and your needs first.

To see details of the Members in each category, click on the list on the left.  Each Member has a dedicated contact person and if you would like more information or to arrange a meeting, you can contact the Members direct quoting the Aphrodite website.

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